Synonyms: Cabernet

Origin of the variety: It comes from the Bordeaux region where it is grown from the 16th century. It was founded presumably pollinated varieties Cabernet Franc white varieties Sauvignon. Together with the varieties Merlot and Cabernet Franc gives unmistakable character world-famous wines from the Bordeaux region. Today is one of the most widespread blue variety, grown almost all over the world. Thrives in Slovakia, reportedly the best in Strekov and Štúrovo South Slovak wine region and Vráble Nitra wine region, but awards from various international competitions attest to the fact that not only there.

Features Variety: Is moderate to vigorous growth. Frost resistance is good. The leaves are medium sized, five lobes, Deep cut. The cluster is medium-sized with small rounded berries blue. Variety is the average fertility. It thrives in the hottest positions, which tends to have a high content of anthocyanin colorants and tannin. Already berries appears unique aroma reminiscent of black currants.

Characteristics of the wine: The color is intense red to bright brick red, smells of black currants, there may be subtle violet tones or tones reminiscent of the smell of cedar or black pepper. The bouquet is unique, typical varietal. The flavor is distinctive, Cabernet character, grassy, rougher maturation shall fullness and varietal character. Like the fragrance reminds black currant. Young wines or wines of worse years may accompany the flavor of green pepper. Acid content is higher. The wine matures slowly and requires several years of aging in wooden oak barrels and then bottled. Only then appears the rarest tones of maturity and fullness of this variety. Quality wines reach maturity within 2-4 years. Selected wines are perfect with attributes ranging from 6 to 10 years, but the archive may also be significantly longer. Cabernet Sauvignon provides exceptional, rare and fine wine with an unmistakable characteristics.

Cabernet Sauvignon – this variety world with us mainly grown in areas with an abundance of warmth and sunshine. The wine has a dark Ruby red color and has a distinctive varietal character. It has a special flavor, which smell of violets, black currant, white pepper, as well as roasted coffee. The wines are rich in tannins. Maturation in oak casks but also in bottles, the quality of this exceptional wine is clearly increasing.

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